How do you manage cravings while on a diet for weight management?

In my role as a nutritionist and dietician, I am often asked how to manage cravings when trying to lose some weight. Many people struggle to manage their cravings when dieting, but this doesn't need to be an impossible task. The following article provides comprehensive tips and strategies on how you can effectively control your food cravings to ensure that your weight loss goals are met.

This is why it's important to manage cravings when you are trying to lose weight

Any successful diet program must include a plan for managing cravings. Why? We can lose weight if we indulge in our food cravings. Researchers at the University of Exeter have found that people who are prone to food cravings struggle with their weight more than others.

By successfully managing your cravings, you can improve weight management, health outcomes and self-esteem. If not properly addressed, cravings that are constant can cause overeating, weight gain and other negative effects on both your physical and mental well-being.

Important Points for Getting Started

Begin by becoming mindful of what you eat. Journal of Health Psychology published a study that found mindful eating could help to reduce cravings. Also, make sure you're eating balanced meals. In order to curb your cravings and feel more satisfied, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases suggests that you include protein, fibre, and healthy fats at every meal.

How to manage cravings

Other Tips

To avoid impulse purchases, do not go grocery shopping while hungry. Consider keeping a food journal to track patterns in your food desires and mood. It's okay to give in to your food cravings from time to time, as long as you do it moderately. Remember that it takes time for change to occur. You shouldn't punish yourself too much if you make mistakes. It's important to get back on track.


In summary, controlling cravings is an important aspect of weight loss. This involves mindful eating and regular exercise, as well as a healthy diet. It is important to remember that the aim of this method is to better understand and manage cravings, not eliminate them completely. These strategies and tips will help you to manage cravings while staying on track with your weight loss plan.