How can fermented soybean products like edamame or natto help you lose weight?

Maintaining a healthy life style requires that you understand the factors in your diet which contribute to weight management. We will examine the importance of fermented products made from soy, like edamame or natto in weight loss. In my role as a nutritionist and dietician, it is important that I explore the science behind soy products and their potential to support weight management.

Fermented soy products are important for weight loss

East Asian cuisine has long included fermented soy products such as natto and edamame. These products are known for having a rich nutritional profile, as well as potential health benefits such probiotics and weight loss.

These foods are high in protein. Protein-rich diets have been shown to reduce appetite and boost feelings of fullness. This can lead to a lower intake of calories. Soybean products also contain low fats and are high in fibre, making them perfect for losing weight.

The fermentation process also increases the bioavailability and utilization of soybean nutrients by our bodies. Beneficial bacteria that are produced by fermentation contribute to the gut's health and play a key role in weight loss.

Get started with fermented soybean products

You can lose weight by incorporating fermented soybean products in your diet. Consider these points:

Note that these foods, while beneficial, should not be relied on as a sole source of nutrition to lose weight.

How to include fermented soybean products in your diet

Other Tips

Remember to control your portion size when adding fermented soybean products to your diet. Overeating these low-fat and high-protein foods can lead to weight increase, even though they are rich in nutrients. Consider buying organic, non-GMO soybeans whenever you can to avoid pesticide residues.


Fermented soy products such as edamame, natto, or tahini play a significant role in weight loss because of their low fat and high protein contents, along with the fact that they are bioavailable. By adding these healthy foods to your daily diet and practicing portion control, you can help to lose weight.