Does adding more resistant starch to my diet help me lose weight and improve gut health?

This comprehensive guide will show you how adding more resistant starch to your diet can improve your gut health, and help with weight loss. This guide will cover why it is so important, benefits, side effects, how to start, solutions and tips. You should be able to understand how resistant starch impacts your health by the end of this post.

What is the importance of resistant starch for weight loss and gut health?

The resistant starch, a type dietary fibre that is not digestible in the small intestinal tract and ferments into short-chain fatty acid like butyrate in the large intestine. These fatty acid help to maintain your intestinal barrier by reducing inflammation, and decreasing the risk for various diseases.

Research suggests resistant starch may also play an important role in weight-loss. According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, resistant starch consumption increases fullness feelings and decreases appetite. A study published in Nutrition & Metabolis found that resistant starch can improve insulin sensitivity. This is important for weight loss and metabolic health.

How to Start with Resistant starch

Focus on foods that are naturally high in resistant starch to increase your intake. Unripe bananas are among the foods that contain resistant starch. The cooking and cooling of these foods increases their resistant starch content.

If you are struggling to meet your nutritional needs, supplements may be the answer. Consult your healthcare provider first before beginning any new supplement regime. They can provide you with advice based on the specific health goals and needs of each individual.

How to include more resistant starch in your diet

Other Tips

Start gradually when adding more resistant starch to your diet to let your stomach adapt. This will reduce potential discomfort. This can be enhanced by combining resistant starch foods with healthy foods. Combining them with protein-rich foods could increase feelings of satiety and help in weight loss.


Conclusion: Adding more resistant starch to your diet may help support gut health, and even aid weight loss. As with any diet change, you should consult your healthcare provider first to make sure it is appropriate for you and that it will help achieve your health goals. It's important to focus on making gradual changes, and focusing on eating a wide variety of foods that are nutrient dense for your overall health.