What are the benefits of adding more grains like freekeh or fonio to your diet?

The article discusses how unconventional grains like fonio or freekeh can be beneficial to your weight-loss efforts. This article will explore why grains like fonio and freekeh are important, as well as their benefits and possible side effects. We'll also discuss how to start, along with some tips for achieving optimal results.

Why Unconventional Grains Are Important for Weight Loss

In recent years, grains that are not conventional like freekeh and fonio have gained popularity due to the nutritional benefits and health advantages they offer. These grains are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. They could be a key component in helping you lose weight.

Journal of Nutrition published a study that found whole grains, even these unusual ones, can help to control weight. The main reason is that they contain a lot of fiber which makes you feel fuller, thus reducing your energy intake. These grains also have a lower glycemic indices, which means they increase blood sugar levels more slowly, resulting in sustained energy, and fewer hunger pangs.

Get Started With Fonio & Freekeh

It is easy to incorporate these grains in your diet. Fonio or freekeh are both similar to rice and quinoa. You can cook them and serve as a salad, add to soups and stews or grind into flour for baking.

While these grains may help you lose weight, it's best to consume them as part of an overall balanced diet rather than as a one-off solution. For optimal health, the American Heart Association suggests consuming three portions of whole grains a day.

How to Lose Weight with Non-Conventional Grains

Other Tips

It is important to remember that these grains are high in calories. For maximum health, buy whole grain versions as often as possible. Last but not least, ensure that you are eating a variety of foods to satisfy your nutritional requirements.


Conclusion: Adding unconventional grains such as fonio or freekeh to your diet can help you lose weight due to the high protein and fiber content. They should, however, be included in a healthy diet and should include other factors like regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a well-balanced lifestyle.