How can I lose weight by including resistant starch?

This article will explore the potential weight-loss benefits of resistant starch. In my role as a nutritionist and dietician, I will guide you to the research and science behind resistant starch. We'll also discuss how this can be used in weight loss and how best to include it into your daily diet. If you have been thinking about adding resistant starch into your weight-loss plan, read on to find out more.

What is Resistant Starch and How Can it Help You Lose Weight?

A resistant starch is carbohydrate which resists digestion and ferments when it reaches the large intestine. The process helps maintain a healthy microbiome in the gut, which can be crucial to overall wellbeing and weight management. A study in Nutrition and Metabolism found that resistant starch increases feelings of fullness. It also reduces food intake.

The calorie count of resistant starch is lower than other carbohydrates. Incorporating foods high in resistant starch can therefore help maintain a deficit of calories, essential to weight loss. In a 2015 study , published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that resistant starch consumption can also improve insulin sensitivity. This can benefit individuals with obesity issues due to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Get Started: Incorporate resistant starch in your diet

You can find resistant starch in a variety of foods, such as certain uncooked potato varieties, legumes and whole grains. Also, cooked rice and pasta that has been cooled down. It's also important to know that resistant starch levels can vary depending on cooking methods and temperatures. According to a study published in Journal of Food Science and Technology, cooling down cooked pasta or potatoes can boost their resistant starch.

While resistant starch can help you lose weight, you should also include it in a healthy diet and combine this with regular exercise for best results. It is important to speak with your doctor before beginning a diet plan that includes resistant starch.

Include resistant starch in your diet to reap the benefits

Other Tips to Include Resistant Starch In Your Diet

It's best to introduce resistant starch gradually into your diet to give your body the time it needs to adapt and avoid digestive discomfort. Remember to also drink lots of water, as resistant starch requires hydration in order to pass through your digestive system. For optimal weight loss, combine resistant starch and other healthy lifestyles with foods.


Conclusion: Including resistant starch into your diet has many benefits, ranging from increasing fullness and gut health to insulin sensitivity. It is important to incorporate these foods into a healthy diet and introduce them gradually. There is no quick fix for losing weight - a healthy life style and diet are required. However, incorporating resistant starch into your daily meals could be an important step.