What are some healthier alternatives to alcohol?

This article will explore the link between drinking alcohol and losing weight. You'll find healthier alternatives to alcohol. Understanding how alcohol affects your body is important if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions regarding what you consume.

Alcohol and Weight Loss

Due to its caloric density, alcohol plays an important role in weight-loss. Alcohol contains almost the same amount of calories as fat (9 calories/gram), which is often overlooked. Even moderate alcohol consumption can increase daily calories, which could sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

Alcohol can also increase appetite, and reduce inhibitions, which leads to an overeating. In a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that people who consumed alcohol at lunch consumed 300 calories more than those who abstained. Alcohol can also negatively affect sleep, by affecting hormones which regulate hunger and satisfaction.

Get Started with Healthy Drinking Habits

Consider your options carefully if you're looking to keep a healthy body weight while still enjoying a few drinks. Choose drinks with fewer calories and sugar, such as wine or light beer, mixed up with mixers that have no calories. To accurately track your calories, it is important to control the portion size.

Moderation is the key. Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that women limit their consumption to just one drink per week and men no more than two drinks per night.

Healthier Drink Options

Other Tips

Remember that your overall dietary habits are just as important. Make sure you eat a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Exercise plays an important role in managing weight. Don't forget to include stress management and adequate sleep in your healthy lifestyle.


While moderate alcohol consumption is a part of a healthy lifestyle, you should also understand the impact it has on your weight. Alcohol is high in calories, and it stimulates appetite. If not properly managed, this can be detrimental to weight loss. By choosing healthier alternatives to alcohol and maintaining healthy lifestyles, you can still enjoy your life, while reaching your weight-loss goals.