Does a high-zinc diet support immune health and weight loss?

This discussion will explore zinc's role in immune and weight-loss function. In this discussion, we will explore the scientific evidence and uncover practical tips to help you incorporate zinc into your diet. We want to help you understand the potential side effects and benefits of zinc, so you can make an informed choice about your diet.

Zinc and Weight Loss: Understanding its Importance

Zinc, an important mineral, plays a major role in many metabolic processes. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), zinc is essential for maintaining immunity and also the metabolism of carbohydrate - which plays a key role in weight loss.

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, zinc deficiencies can cause immune dysfunction. Research conducted at the Department of Human Nutrition at University of Illinois also found that zinc-deficient diets can cause a slow metabolism, which could contribute to weight gain. It is therefore vital to consume enough zinc.

Getting Started: Ensuring Adequate Zinc Intake

Zinc is recommended as part of the daily intake (RDA), at 11 mg per adult male and 8 mg per adult female. Include foods that are rich in zinc in your diet to meet this requirement. Moderation is the key, as excessive zinc intake can cause zinc toxicity.

Zinc rich foods for weight loss and immune function

Other Tips

It is vital to ensure adequate intake of zinc, but also consider the overall nutritional status. Balance your diet by including plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and other healthy foods. This will help you lose weight and boost immunity. Exercise, sleep and stress management are also vital to overall wellbeing and health.


A diet rich in zinc is a good way to support immune system function and weight loss. You can reap the benefits of zinc by incorporating foods rich in this mineral into your diet. While zinc is an important part of maintaining a healthy life style, it's also vital to maintain balance.