What is the role of adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha or rhodiola in managing weight gain due to stress?

This comprehensive article will discuss the use of adaptogenic plants to manage stress-induced weight gains. My knowledge is based both on my research and experience as a nutritionist and dietician. Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and other popular adaptogens will be the focus of our discussion. Expect to learn why these adaptogens are so important, as well as their potential benefits and side effects. You will also discover how you can incorporate them into your daily diet and get the maximum benefit.

Adaptogenic herbs are important for managing stress-related weight gain

It is well known that stress can cause weight gain, primarily due to changes in hormones. The body stores fat around the abdomen due to this hormone. It has been shown that adaptogenic herbs can help to manage stress. They do this by supporting adrenal function and regulating the cortisol level.

Ashwagandha has, for example, been researched for its antistress properties. In a 2017 study , published in Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternate Medicine, Ashwagandha extract improved the resistance to stress and subsequently enhanced the quality of life. According to a 2015 study published in Phytotherapy Research , Rhodiola has been shown to have mood-enhancing and fatigue-reducing properties.

Get Started With Adaptogenic Herbs

Ashwagandha or Rhodiola is available in capsules, powder or as a tea. It's important to begin with low doses, and then increase them gradually based on your body's reaction. University of Michigan Health System recommends a dose of Ashwagandha of between 300 and 500mg per day, while Rhodiola is recommended to be taken at 200 to 600mg.

While these herbs are packed with benefits, remember that they do not replace a healthy diet or regular exercise. These herbs should be used to complement healthy living, not as a weight loss solution.

Adaptogenic Herbs: Possible Solutions

Other Tips

Listen to your body when taking adaptogenic plants. Consider reducing dosage or consulting a doctor if you are experiencing side effects such as dizziness or digestive problems. Remember that stress reduction is an holistic approach that involves good nutrition, exercise and mental health.


As a conclusion, adaptogenic plants like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola can play an important role in reducing stress-related obesity by increasing resistance to stress and controlling cortisol. They should, however, be part of an overall weight-management strategy, which includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. Consult your healthcare provider prior to starting any new supplements.