How does cooking method, like grilling or steaming, affect weight loss?

We will be exploring the effects of different cooking techniques, namely grilling and steamed food on weight loss. My role as a nutritionist and dietician is to help you gain a better understanding of the impact that these cooking methods can have on your weight-loss journey. Discover why these cooking techniques are important, learn how to incorporate them into your daily life, discover possible alternatives or solutions, get additional tips and more.

How to Lose Weight by Cooking Differently

How we cook our food has a significant impact on its nutritional content, and this in turn affects our efforts to lose weight. Different studies show that cooking techniques can change the nutritional, calorie and fat content of food. Grilling, for example, can reduce the amount of fat in food because excess fat drips away as it cooks. Steaming, on the other hand preserves nutrients better than other methods of cooking, resulting in a meal with fewer calories and more nutrition.

What to consider before you start:

The type of food you are cooking and the goals that you have for your diet will determine the best method to use. Consider methods to reduce your overall meal's calorie and fat contents if you are trying to lose weight. In this case, both grilling and steaming can be excellent options. It's important to remember that high-temperature grilling can create potentially dangerous compounds. It is therefore recommended to use grilling in moderation and combine it with healthy methods of cooking, such as steaming.

Solution and Alternatives

Other Tips

Remember that controlling your portion size is just as important as choosing the correct cooking method. Even if you eat healthy foods in excess, it can lead to weight increase. Include a wide variety of food in your daily diet so that you get a full spectrum of nutrients. Combining regular physical activity with these diet changes can help you lose weight.


The way that we prepare our food is a major factor in weight loss. Grilling and steaming both have health benefits, and when done correctly can help reduce weight. It is important, however, to include a wide variety of foods and cooking techniques in your diet. It's not just about making short-term changes to your diet. You need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which includes habits for the long term.