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RebaSloan-7Weight Management

We live in one of the fattest nations on earth, yet dieting is our national pastime! This is evidence enough that diets don’t work. Even nutrition education alone does not equip someone to handle emotional, environmental and social triggers that complicate efforts to manage weight. Permanent weight management should be a by-product of acquiring skills that address these issues. I work with my clients to acquire these skills and assist them in exploring ways to become more physically active on a regular basis. Without the activity component, efforts to eat more healthily are wasted. Please read “Ditching Dieting” located under the additional resources section for a more in-depth exploration of this issue.

Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

There is no clearly defined point when disordered eating crosses over into a clinically diagnosed eating disorder. I believe early intervention in cases of highly restrictive eating can possibly keep someone from continuing down the path to a full-blown eating disorder. I do not consider eating disorders addictions. Because of that, I treat clients from a recovery perspective. In 25 years I have seen hundreds of clients escape the prison of thoughts and behaviors caused by eating disorders to live happy, productive lives. Eating disorders are most effectively treated by involving a multidisciplinary team approach. Please read “From Disordered to Order…What is Normal Eating” located under the additional resource section for more information.

Nutrition and Health

In our society, we are inundated daily by a plethora of information about nutrition and health. As a result, it can be quite overwhelming to weed out fact from fiction. I strive to provide my clients with sound nutritional knowledge so they can make sense of all the conflicting messages. I then work with them to implement practical, individualized changes in their own food and food-related behaviors in order to address any of their nutrition and health-related needs.

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