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The Lost Super Foods is an online program that serves as the ultimate guide for anyone gearing up for challenging times where food could be scarce and power could be out. It comes with 126 survival foods and techniques, along with survivalist advice, food lists, and a ton of additional resources, so you can stay well-informed, and well-fed, no matter what comes your way.

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The Lost Super Foods

The Lost Super Foods is the only program you’ll ever need to keep you and your family well-fed in the case of an emergency or potential food crisis. It's easy to take our grocery store runs and stocked fridges for granted, until something like the recent pandemic comes along to remind us how quickly the situation can change. Shelves emptied, food vanished, and people went from hungry to hangry in record time. Thankfully, we didn't reach the point of desperation, but it did highlight the importance of having survival skills in your back pocket.

With the Lost Super Foods, you receive everything there is to know to keep your stomach full regardless of the crisis or emergency. It’s a comprehensive system that serves as your ultimate survivalist guide, infused with 126 ingenious tricks, methods, and recipes for long-term sustenance. This includes a variety of food preservation techniques, expert advice on how to extend the shelf life of canned goods, and savvy methods for storing food without relying on a refrigerator.

But that’s not all. With The Lost Super Foods, you also learn crucial culinary skills and life-saving tips, such as how to create nutrient-rich sauerkraut, preserving eggs using mineral oil, dehydrating over 50 different types of foods, and all kinds of survivalist techniques.

The goal is to provide you with all of the tools and knowledge needed to survive if modern-day conveniences, such as fully-stocked grocery stores and a powered refrigerator ever go down. Whether it’s due to a natural disaster or another pandemic, this program is one you’ll want to have readily available because it can mean the difference between going hungry and staying fed.

The entire system is digital as well, so the guide can get downloaded onto your preferred tech device, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This enables quick and convenient access anytime you need it. Given the unpredictability of crises and emergencies, this feature is of utmost importance.

As an added bonus, The Lost Super Foods comes with a generous two-month trial period. This allows you to dive into the entire system and see what it has to offer, firsthand. Let’s hope you never have to use it but if you do, you’ll be happy you have it readily available at your fingertips.

The Creator

The Lost Super Foods program was created by a collaborative effort, drawing on the expertise of four experts within the survivalist industry: Art Rude, Claude Davis, Lex Rooker, and Fred Dwight.

Claude Davis, a renowned figure in survivalist circles, is highly recognized for his mastery of survival skills. He has also created many other successful programs like "The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies" and "Home Doctor," both of which have earned bestseller status.

Art Rude is a prominent nutritional specialist and educator. His focus revolves around ancestral culinary secrets, particularly in food preparation and preservation techniques.

Lex Rooker and Fred Dwight have spent years working within the survivalist world, gaining all kinds of valuable knowledge which they share with you in this program. Their focus is largely on ensuring people have the information and skills to become more self-reliant and prepared for any scenario.

Together, these four experts offer a comprehensive and reliable resource for navigating the world of survival and self-sufficiency.

What You Will Get In The Program?

Outline of the Program

The Lost Super Foods program is a comprehensive system, designed to equip you with vital knowledge, methods, and recipes to ensure you're never left hungry in times of emergencies or crises.

Within this program, you receive an abundance of resources covering everything you need, from sourcing sustenance to mastering long-term food storage through canning. It's a complete package that includes recipes, survivalist tricks, skills, expert advice and so much more.

All of this is put together for you in one main guide, organized into distinct sections, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Each section is filled with step-by-step instructions, helpful images, ingredient lists, recipes, and an abundance of additional tips to guide you through the process of whatever it is you’re looking to do. You can also use the search function on your preferred tech device, where you can type in a keyword or ingredient, and the program will highlight the areas where you can find it.

In addition to the main program, you also receive a variety of bonus programs for absolutely free. These are designed to complement The Lost Super Foods program, offering you even more helpful tools, techniques and skills for your survival.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from this undeniably valuable program, here’s a closer look at what’s inside:

Main Manual

The Lost Super Foods program comes as one manual that covers of all things related to food, survival, cooking, and efficient storage methods. The topics, tools and techniques are separated into different sections, offering you a comprehensive guide complete with an abundance of expert survivalist advice, tried-and-true survivalist culinary techniques, and all kinds of recipes that are designed to help you stay nourished during difficult times. You also receive insider secrets for sourcing food and water, as well as effectively storing it for long-term.

In addition to all of this, the program also gives you insight on how to get the most out of the things you learn. For example, it provides you with guidance on avoiding common mistakes, strategies for identifying edible plants, eating on a budget of just $20, and so much more.

Free Bonuses

As mentioned, the program also hooks you up with some extra bonuses for free. These are separate from the main manual but certainly pertain to the same theme: survivalist and self-reliance:

Advantages of The Lost Super Foods

Disadvantages of The Lost Super Foods

The Lost Super Foods is a digital program, so there is no physical hardcopy that gets shipped out to you. Instead, you can download it right onto your preferred tech device, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, and everything is there for you as you need it.

If you would like to have a physical hardcopy, you could always print the manual off from your home.

My Thoughts

The Lost Super Foods is a powerful program that sets you up with an abundance of survivalist skills, knowledge, tools and techniques all based food and staying well-fed in the case of an emergency. It comes with over 126 survival foods and recipes, as well as all kinds of advice on preserving, storing, and feeding yourself over the long haul, even if you can’t get access to a grocery store or energy for food storage. You don’t need any prior experience or skills to use the information provided, as you’re guided every step of the way. It even comes with a two-month trial period, so you can see what it’s all about and how valuable it will be if worse case comes to worse. Hopefully, you never have to use it but you’ll be thankful to have it if you do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is digital and sold exclusively on the official website. As such, it isn’t available in any physical store locations. However, the program does come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free and comes with 2 free bonuses and lifetime updates.
Many of the techniques and recipes use items that you likely have stored in your home right now. If not, they can easily be found at your local grocery store or online where you can then store them away in the back of your pantry for safe-keeping. You also learn how to identify edible plants in the wild, as well as how to grow them and use them in recipes, which can be done in your garden or backyard coop.
When it comes to survival, you may not be too worried about remaining vegan. However, there are several recipes that do not contain any meat products, such as the 2400-calorie emergency ration bars. Many of the recipes can also be adjusted to remove any meat products. Aside from the recipes, the program also comes with valuable skills, techniques and tips that can be used with any food you choose.
There are a few things you’ll want to keep stocked in the case of an emergency where you have to resort to using the information provided in this program, such as Ziploc bags, canning jars and other food storage options. A dehydrator, blender and meat grinder are also used with many of the recipes, but they are optional. An oven or heat-source is also needed for many of the recipes.

Keep in mind, the program also provides you with alternative methods that can be used without modern-day technologies and devices.
The authors have not released any additional discounts for the program, other than the already-discounted price.
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She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the School of Nursing at Vanderbilt University.

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