What are the benefits of functional foods in conjunction with conventional medicine?

This article will focus on the impact and importance of functional food in augmenting traditional medical treatment. Expect a detailed discussion of their importance, practical tips to include them in your diet, as well as examples and other useful information. This course aims to give a thorough understanding of the ways in which these food categories can improve traditional therapies and medicine.

Why Functional Foods are important in complementing conventional medical treatments

These foods have benefits that go beyond nutrition. These foods contain compounds with biological activity that promote health and prevent disease. Functional foods are important because they can complement traditional medical treatments, enhancing efficacy while reducing unwanted side effects.

A study in "Journal of Medicinal Food", for example, revealed that functional foods such as oats or barley could help reduce cardiovascular risk factors. These are often treated by conventional medicine. A study published in "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition", found that functional food like tomatoes rich in lycopene can help cancer treatment by reducing tumor growth.

Get Started With Functional Foods

It is important to know that all functional foods are not beneficial. It's important to rely on scientifically-backed data. The European Journal of Nutrition, for example, has a list of functional foods with their approved health claims. This can serve as a great starting point.

Functional Foods that Complement Conventional Medicine

Other Tips

Remember that functional foods are not meant to replace medical treatments. As part of an overall healthy diet, functional foods should form a significant portion of your daily meals. Your wellness program should include regular exercise, enough sleep and stress management.


Functional foods are a great way to complement conventional medicine. Functional foods aren't just for nutrition, but they also improve overall health and wellbeing. These foods can help with recovery, decrease side effects and improve the efficacy of conventional medicine. We can reap their health benefits by incorporating them into our diet.