Can specific foods help to reduce visceral body fat?

This discussion will focus on specific foods with functional properties that may help reduce visceral body fat. Visceral body fat is stored in the abdominal cavity, and around important organs like the pancreas, liver and intestines. This article will focus on the significance of this question and how you can begin to include these foods in your diet. It also includes examples of functional food and other tips that may be useful.

Reduce Visceral Fat

Visceral fat can have adverse health effects. Visceral fat levels can cause serious health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood-pressure, and certain cancers. A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that people who have more belly fat face a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with functional foods that help to reduce visceral body fat is therefore crucial.

Start Out with What to Remember

Reduced visceral body fat is mainly achieved by a combination between a healthy diet, exercise regularly and enough sleep. Harvard School of Public Health research suggests that quality of the food eaten is important when it comes to losing belly fat. Not only should you reduce your caloric intake, but also eat healthier foods to help fight fat accumulation.

Reduce Visceral Fat with Functional Foods

Other Tips

It's also important to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise like running, walking and swimming is an effective way to reduce visceral body fat. Stress can contribute to weight increase, according to studies . Consider stress-management techniques like yoga or meditation. Finally, it is important to get enough sleep as a lack of sleep will disrupt your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.


While there are functional foods which can reduce visceral triglycerides, they should not be the only part of your diet. They must also fit into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, while staying physically active and managing stress, will help reduce visceral weight and improve overall health.