How can you use nutraceuticals to manage mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

The article explores the possible impact of nutraceuticals - food-derived substances that have health benefits – on mood disorders like depression and anxiety. My insights as a nutritionist and dietician will be based on research and studies .

Nutraceuticals and Mood Disorders

The potential of nutraceuticals to manage mental health is gaining more and more recognition. It is especially relevant in the case of mood disorders such as depression or anxiety where traditional treatments may not work on everyone, and have unwanted side effects. As they are derived from foods, nutraceuticals tend to be less likely to cause side effects. This makes them an alternative treatment or complementary therapy that is potentially safer.

A recent study in Journal of Affective Disorders found that omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D supplements could reduce depression symptoms. In the American Journal of Psychiatry, another study found that mineral and multivitamin supplements could help to reduce stress and anxiety. It's also important to remember that further research in this area is required.

Get Started With Nutraceuticals

Consult your healthcare provider before starting any treatment. Nutraceuticals may not be suitable for all people and can interact with medications. After your doctor has given you the go-ahead, start introducing nutrient rich foods to your diet. You can also consider dietary supplements if recommended.

Nutraceuticals that are Beneficial for Mood Disorders

Other Tips

It's important to keep a healthy, balanced diet while incorporating nutraceuticals. Exercise, sleep and stress-management techniques such as meditation or yoga, can all help to manage mood disorders.


With their health benefits, and with fewer negative side effects, nutraceuticals are a promising complementary or alternative approach for managing mood disorders. Although more research is required, recent findings indicate that certain foods and supplements rich in nutrients could alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It's important to speak with your healthcare provider prior to starting a new treatment. Diet, lifestyle and medical treatment are all part of the journey to better mental health.