What is the difference between functional drinks and functional food?

This article will explore the place and role of functional drinks within the category of functional food. This article will help you understand what functional food and beverage are, why they're important, how to integrate them into our lifestyle and some of the examples. Discover more about the exciting world of nutrition science.

Why Functional Foods and Drinks are Important

These foods or beverages have specific health benefits that go beyond the basic nutritional value. These foods and beverages contain active ingredients, like vitamins, minerals or probiotics. They have proven scientifically to prevent diseases, promote health, and improve nutrition. Fortified products like cereals and enriched dairy, as well as drinks such a kombucha, or green tea, are examples.

Consuming functional food and drinks can improve digestion, increase immunity and more. Journal of Functional Foods published a study that found functional foods can play an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is important to keep in mind that functional foods can be beneficial to your health but they shouldn't replace a varied and balanced diet.

Get Started With Functional Foods and Beverages

It's easy to incorporate functional foods and beverages into your daily diet. Begin by determining what benefits you are looking for. This could range from better gut health to improved skin. Research which foods and drinks provide these benefits. Before making major dietary adjustments, it's best to speak with a health professional or nutritionist. While functional foods can improve health, excessive consumption may cause adverse side effects such as gastrointestinal problems.

Example of functional beverages and foods

Other Tips

Balance is key when incorporating functional food and beverage into your daily diet. Variety is important because no single food or drink can supply all of the nutrients that your body requires. You should also drink enough water every day, as this is crucial to your overall health.


Functional beverages are a part of the larger category of functional food, and offer a range of benefits that go beyond nutrition. Understanding their importance, and how you can incorporate them into your life style will help improve your health and nutritional intake. When adding these beverages and foods to your diet, balance and moderation are key.